What I’m doing now

At Uptrends, we’re super busy with modernizing our application frontend. This is super fun, because we’ve integrated Vue - a modern JS framework - and one by one developers are dipping their toes in this “new” way of developing frontend: a more component-based way of working. Watching the “click” happen when they see the benefits is enormously gratifying - and hearing them boast about how much time they save developing a feature is the cherry on the cake.

Things have been different at home, thanks to the Corona virus. The shift to working from home full time instead of only two days a week has been intense, but now that we’re used to it I almost regret office days coming up. Travel time has scaled down to one minute (two flights of stairs) which means I can jump in when the kids break the house down - or eat ice cream with them when I need a break.

With the youngest over a year old, Renske and I are starting to explore our more long-term common goals. It’s so natural and necessary to have a day-by-day focus with little kids around, but we don’t want to end up ten years from now saying “I wish we had…”. So we’re exploring options for our next adventure: a big trip, a new hobby or personal development - or maybe all of those!

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  • It's a girl! Our little family has grown to four because Linde arrived. She's doing fantastic!

  • Job switch! I started working at Uptrends after 7 years at FileLinx. I'm very exited to start as a Software Developer and get my skills to the next level!

  • Moved to our new and super big house! We're still living in Bodegraven, but in a single family home instead of an apartment.

  • Took on a Development Team Lead role in addition to my developing and designing. Added responsibilities include planning and coaching the Development Team.

  • It's a boy! Renske and I just welcomed our son Jona to the world. He's doing great!

  • Got married to Renske! We celebrated our marriage on a wonderful day full of love, happiness, family and friends. I moved from Alphen to Bodegraven to live with her.

  • Started working at FileLinx as a User Interface Designer. Excited to put my college knowledge to the test!

  • Whoo-hoo! I'm officially a Bachelor of Applied Science after wrapping up my Communication & Multimedia Design studies at Avans University!